Team bios

Natarajan Kumaresan


Nat Kumaresan has over 20 years of project co-ordination experience in planning, designing and execution of city infrastructure projects in an engineering consulting environment. Furthermore, Nat has over 5 years of experience in climate change and carbon asset management business. In particular, he has demonstrated experience from project initiation to deliverables in many similar projects with technology such as LFG Collection and Control System, LFG to Energy and Refuse Derived Fuel projects in Canada, US, Kenya and Uzbekistan. Nat Kumaresan has undertaken course in sustainable infrastructure in his masterís degree (M.Eng) from University of Toronto.

Harshal Gunde


Illinois Institute of Technology , Chicago, IL, USA, M.S. Atmospheric Chemistry IIT, Mumbai, India, B. Tech. Civil Engineering (Major Environmental Engineering). Data Modeling for Economic-Environmental systems Emissions Asset Management Particulate Matter Global Cooling Effect Modeling

Bhajan Kumaresan

GHG Lead Analyst

Bhajan Kumaresan has 5 years experience working with global Climate Change frameworks, mainly with Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Clean Project Registry and CSA Reduction Registry and ISO 14064 (2) (3). He has coordinated multiple projects through the registration process by being a hands-on project specialist. He has also played a key role with BalanceCO2 verification auditing assignments within Canada, as an assessor for ISO 14064 (3) projects under the CSA Clean Project Registry and CSA Reduction Registry framework. His background in GHG protocols and standards acquired in the last 5 years puts his analytical skill to identify risks potentials in the life cycle analysis of GHG emission. He has demonstrated analytical skill required to be an assessor in multiple projects in evaluation and quantification of GHG emission reduction during verification of LFG Methane avoidance, biomass and co-generation projects by BalanceCO2.

Selva Kumar

Managing Partner- US Operations

Worked 15 Years in SAP Basis and Security, Business Development, Marketing and Web marketing. Over 3 Years experience Environmental related field. Worked in Ground water modeling for Plume delineation, ground water remediation, underground storage Tank remediation, Environmental Consulting and Phase I and Phase II site Assessment, Ground probing Radar investigations, Seismic Studies Business Development, Feasibility analysis of waste management projects

Myra Frazier

Legal Advisor/Climate Advisor

Myra Frazier has almost 15 years of experience working in the energy and environmental fields respectively. Ms. Frazier began her professional career in the energy and environmental fields as a Fulbright Fellow in Libreville, Gabon. She later joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where she developed and implemented a program of technical cooperation between the U.S. Government and the South African Government as well as between a leading research institute, the Energy Research Centre based at the University of Cape Town. The program of technical coopeartion focused on energy policy planning, air quality management and climate mitigation strategies to assist South Africa with building the necessary technical capacity to participate in climate mitigation activities under international climate cooperative agreements. The research team's work was featured at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, (WSSD-Rio + 10), held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002. The research team was awarded the U.S. EPA Bronze medal for its efforts. Additionally, Ms. Frazier served on the lititgation team that negotiated the Consent Agreement Final Order with the Concentrated Animal Feedlot industry to encourage greater compliance with environmental regulations, primary the Clean Air Act,(CAA). More than 8,000 farms in 37 states have accepted the terms of the Consent Decree. Education: JD/MA-Duke University School of Law/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Political Science), BA Tufts University-International Relations.

Dr Harish G. Rao Ph.D., P.E., QEP

Senior Technical Advisor, BalanceCO2 Inc, US Operations

Harish Rao has more than 29 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering working in consulting, state environmental regulatory agency and academia. He is a licensed professional engineer (P.E.) and qualified environmental professional (QEP) with a broad understanding of both technical and regulatory issues. Dr. Rao has expertise in a number of areas including waste management, air quality, risk evaluation, auditing, data management, climate change and sustainability. He is involved in identification and evaluation of new projects for feasibility and helps ensures successful development and completion of projects. Education: Northwestern University: Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 1981; IIT Kharagpur, India: M.Tech., Civil/Public Health Engineering, 1977; Bangalore University, Bangalore, India: B.E., Civil Engineering, 1975

Mission Statement
BalanceCO2 aims to provide exceptional Emission Management services that guide clients to their Carbon Emission goals, while balancing the challenges of Economic Endeavors, Environmental Sustainability and Efficient Management of Natural Resources.