About BalanceCO2
BalanceCO2 offers a wide range of services geared towards green house Gas emissions and General Environmental Consulting. BalanceCO2 brings with it a combined experience of 45+ years in Environmental Consulting and 5+ years of Green House Gas Advisory and Project Development. Our team experts come from various backgrounds bringing with them expertise in multiple fields and varied geographical locations. We currently provide services to project originating in 4 different continents and are still expanding.

Balance CO2 services are backed by a strong infrastructure and dedicated personnel with strong expertise in specialized fields. Our non-competence policy makes us serve all our clients in a secular way without over-stepping each other's business interests. This along with our timely completion of projects makes us the No.1 choice for provision of environmental services for companies. BalanceCO2 offers services in variety of sectors including but not limiting to
Renewable Energy
Landfil Management
Waste Water Management
Energy Efficiency
A forestation and Reforestation
Mission Statement
BalanceCO2 aims to provide exceptional Emission Management services that guide clients to their Carbon Emission goals, while balancing the challenges of Economic Endeavors, Environmental Sustainability and Efficient Management of Natural Resources.