Landfill methane mitigation projects CCX project

CDM Baseline & Monitoring Methodology:

Schatulga Road Landfill, Columbus, GA

BalanceCO2 is providing services to develop carbon offset project for this landfill site. This site has collection of landfill gas using a system of vertical gas collection wells connected to a header pipe that is used to transport the landfill gas to the flare station. The CCX methodology titled "Protocol for Measuring and Verifying Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Landfills (1/21/2004) (“CCX Landfill Protocol”)" Reference: "CCX Rule Book Chapter 9, Appendix 9.1.A" is in progress..

Landfill methane mitigation projects CCAR project

CDM Baseline & Monitoring Methodology:

Kewanee Landfill, IL Lansing Landfill, IL Taylor Ridge Landfill, IL

BalanceCO2 is providing services related to investment, develop GHG reduction opportunity and carbon offset management, LFG to Energy opportunity, etc


Within the Canadian Market, BalanceCO2 has become a Canadian Standard Association (CSA) approved verifier

Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilization as Energy Project Brock West

Verification Standard: ISO 14064 -3, CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Reduction Registry

Project description

BalanceCO2 services include Verification services under Canadian Standard Association (CSA) Reduction Registry of "The Brock West Landfill Gas Destruction / Utilization as Energy Project for Eastern Power Limited, Pickering, Ontario.


Landfill Gas projects are under progress will update with informatiion Shortly