GHG Verification
There are a range of benefits associated with undertaking third-party verification of GHG emissions:

Independent verification allows the organization to participate in emissions trading schemes such as the EU ETS, as well as joint implementation and clean development mechanism projects that contribute to the achievement of emissions targets under the Kyoto protocol.

Third party verification provides a degree of credibility when it comes to reporting and publishing environmental information. This has implications for interested parties such as employees, customers, brokers, shareholders and insurance companies.

Independent verification provides assurance to your stakeholders that the verified data is faithfully represented, contains no material misstatements, is consistent and has been collected and analyzed in a transparent and reliable manner.

Reporting externally verified GHG emissions data demonstrates your commitment to environmental transparency and accountability. A GHG emission report may form part of a public or corporate environmental or sustainability report and be a step towards ‘Green Governance’.

Third-party emissions verification will ensure that your data is consistent according to set protocols. Using a unique process developed by our experienced GHG verification team, we will ensure that your data is accurate for the purpose for which it is designated.

We have ensured that any third-party verification will produce reliable and faithful representation emissions data.

Adding value through third-party verification

Third-party verification of GHG emissions provides significant added value for participating organizations. Undertaking the process towards verification will assist you in:
Identifying opportunities for energy consumption savings
Identifying opportunities for process improvement
Providing a greater understanding of how different departments, functions and industrial processes interact

Suggesting ways in which detrimental environmental impacts can be minimized
Enhancing your corporate image
Improving stakeholder perception
Providing credible information to financial markets and insurance companies
Verification is the process for ensuring that reported GHG emission figures are accurate and our approach will ensure emissions reports are credible, faithfully represented, transparent, consistent and reliable.

We apply the following process:

1. Strategic analysis - enables us to gain an overview of the project activities and
an understanding of the significance of emissions

2. Process analysis - an on-site verification of information, involving spot checks to
determine data reliability

3. Risk analysis – verifies risk control methods, minimizing uncertainty and evaluating
the reliability of data from each source

4. Our report - specifies the issues uncovered in the verification work and will provide a
qualified opinion that reported emissions are not materially misstated